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About Tuesday 18 August 1668

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SDS: "to carry the Duke's hounds into Holland."

The Duke's hounds -- is this literal?

About Roll Call. Say hello!

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Greetings, All, from a farm in middle Ontario, Canada. I heard of this wonderful site from a colleague (when I was still in the software industry). I was unable to follow the first iteration in its entirety -- "life got in the way". I bought L&M and my habit, this second time around, is to read the L&M entry first and then the comments. Born in Ontario and studied mostly math (or maths, if you prefer), sideways after my doctorate, and finally retired (sort of). My thanks to all the commentators, who have greatly enriched my understanding of the diary and its environment, often offering interesting insights into human nature. I look forward to a third iteration.

About Thursday 9 July 1668

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"They also needed to return the right amount of hay bales to each farmer. "

And, presumably, the rightful hay as the quality can vary greatly. Mind, cows are not terribly fussy until they taste the good stuff.

About Wednesday 8 July 1668

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"and find him mighty free to me"

Pepys is becoming a confidant of the high and mighty.

About Thursday 2 July 1668

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I concur with the above, Sarah, but your comment "I post these letters the month before I read them in context" confused me.

About Friday 26 June 1668

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Quite correct, Mary K.

From the OED:

ancient, n.2 arch. (ˈeɪnʃənt)

[a corruption of ensign n., early forms of which, like ensyne, enseygne, were confounded with ancien, ancyen, the contemporary forms of ancient, with which they thus became formally identified from 16th to 18th c. Also spelt by pseudo-etymology antesign.]

1. An ensign, standard, or flag: pl. insignia, colours.

   1554 Chron. Grey Friars 87, I know that theys be Wyettes ancienttes.    1569 Rising in North 105 in Percy Rel. I. 293 Erle Percy there his ancyent spred.    1578 T. N., tr. Conq. W. India 23 The devise of this ensigne or auncient was flames of fire.    1587 Golding De Mornay xxii. 331 When Osyris led his people to Battell, he had diuers Antesignes‥as in one a Dog, in another an Ox.    1610 Chesters Triumph Particulars 1, A Man‥carying an Auncient of our colours of S. George.    1622 F. Markham Dec. Warre ii. ix. 73 This Ensigne we corruptly call Antient, and I haue seene it written Antesigne.    1629 S'hertogenbosh 48 To let flye all their Ancients as well vpon the gates, as the walles. [...]

About Monday 25 May 1668

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"But I was mightily pleased to come in this condition to see and ask [...]"

He has done well after going down.

About Friday 8 May 1668

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Anyone know what sort of maths questions were answered by Brounker?

About Thursday 23 April 1668

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I wonder about those rogues and how Pepys could have outrun them, given that they were probably close to be illuminated by a link. (At any rate, our first instruction at the dojo was how to outrun a bully.)

About Friday 27 March 1668

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@Robert, I would call this "holding one's tongue" rather than "the silent treatment".

About Wednesday 11 March 1667/68

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L&M disagree with Wikipedia. Under the heading of Food in the Companion is found: The French habit of serving a succession of courses was coming in during the diary period but was adopted by Pepys's household only for grand occasions.

About Friday 6 March 1667/68

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@Stephane, I think that he very much spoke ex tempore. Pepys has been immersed in the matter for some time and only needed the occasional reference.

About Wednesday 12 February 1667/68

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"at worst I suppose I can be made but to refund my profit and so let it go."

I wonder how much Elizabeth is aware of the Committee for Accounts.

About Thursday 13 February 1667/68

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"the title of the King’s Foole or jester; and may with privilege revile or jeere any body, the greatest person, without offence, by the privilege of his place."

If only that position would exist in many companies today.

About Monday 10 February 1667/68

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"but it was denied, so furious they are against this Bill: and thereby a great blow [...] to the House itself, by denying a thing desired by the King, and so much desired by much the greater part of the nation."

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

About Thursday 6 February 1667/68

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"And the truth is, I did think that he and the linkman had contrived some roguery; but it proved only a mistake of the coachman; but it was a cunning place to have done us a mischief in, [...] to drive us out of the road into the ruines, and there stop, while nobody could be called to help us."

Indeed. I was reminded of taking a taxi from an airport at night (decades ago). I gave the driver the name of my hotel and grew somewhat apprehensive as he drove out of the city core into a dimly lit industrial area, finally leaving the highway to stop in a deserted parking lot. But it proved only mistakes on our parts -- I garbled the name of the hotel and he became confused. Once sorted, he drove me to the hotel.

About Sunday 2 February 1667/68

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SDS, thank you for fruit & veg link. I missed that the first time round.

As for books, I have always found it easier to buy another bookcase then discard books -- though I have donated tomes to charitable book sales.

About Thursday 23 January 1667/68

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"at noon find the Bishop of Lincolne come to dine with us"
Surely Elizabeth is doing well as his "corporate spouse" as I cannot imagine such dinners arranged without her.

About Friday 3 January 1667/68

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"and there do find that the Council hath altered its times of sitting to the mornings, and so I lost my labour"
A very diplomatic way of putting it, even for his private diary.