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About Monday 8 July 1661

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As well as exploring the links MartinVT provided ( thank you) I will be whiling away the time reading a new biography-“ The lost queen: the surprising life of Catherine of Braganza, Britain’s forgotten monarch” by Sophie Shorland

About Sunday 23 June 1661

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‘LOL, the Spanish were Catholics too’ Spain was opposed to the marriage with Catherine of Braganza, not wanting Portugal to increase its influence and benefit from English military support. The two countries were officially at war. Spain still hoping to ‘ reclaim’ Portugal following the 1640 revolution. Efforts went on until 1668 when the treaty of Lisbon was signed and Portugal finally became independent..

About Friday 22 February 1660/61

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Stephane Chenard: Sam’s disbelief is in the rumour that the King is already married ( see diary on 18 Feb) not a disbelief that he will get married at all..

About Wednesday 10 October 1660

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I second the recommendation for The Restless Republic. I would add one for Clare Jackson’s “Devil-Land, England, under siege 1588 to 1688” which includes views and commentaries from the perspective of our neighbours. A Times reviewer is quoted as saying
“ England was once a failed state. Foreign observers called it devil land. In the 17th century it suffered Civil War, incompetent rule, bankruptcy, plague and fire. Clare Jackson offers an impressive narrative of a time when the English seemed suddenly to have lost their minds.”
Some parallels to more recent events may be noted…

About Wednesday 19 September 1660

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Seems a bit odd to make a correction after 10 years but Sasha Clarkson was wrong about Henry Cromwell. He was Oliver’s 4th son and didn’t predecease his father. He was governor in Ireland when his father died and made no attempt to prevent the Restoration. He made his submission to Charles the second and was allowed to retire, although most of his estates were forfeited. Henry Ireton died in 1651, Difficult to know what his position /attitude might have been seven years later… although, as a regicide he was unlikely to have been a supporter of the restoration! He was one of those exhumed post-mortem to receive his punishment

About Saturday 28 April 1660

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Could I also recommend a book which covers much the same period, ‘Devil land, England under siege, 1588 -1688’ by Clare Jackson. it won the 2022 Wolfson history prize. This includes quite a lot of material showing how our European neighbours regarded us during this period. There is a great quote on the back from a Times reviewer. “ England was once a failed state. Foreign observers called it Devil- land. In the 17th century, it suffered civil war, incompetent rule, bankruptcy, plague and fire. Claire Jackson offers an impressive narrative of a time when the English seemed suddenly to have lost their minds.” Much of that could be applied to a more recent time methinks!

About Sunday 22 April 1660

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Also happy on that account - Barbara Castlemaine, 1st Duchess of Cleveland ..another of Diana’s ancestors. Not only was Diana a descendant of two of Charles II’s mistresses, she was also a descendant of James II by his mistress , Arabella Churchill!

About Monday 26 March 1660

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Thoroughly enjoying this, my first reading of the diary. Haven’t posted before as once I’ve read all the annotations from previous years, there doesn’t seem much more to say. Plus, as an enthusiastic amateur, I’m a bit in awe of the erudition on display. Today though I wantto comment on how much I like Sam’s obvious delight with his good fortune and his good health. He at least seems to have earned his post. It’s not as if he’s taking it for granted either - given that he has already completed an inventory of ships, guns and men. This work indicating that the labourer is going to be well worthy of his hire