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About Monday 31 May 1669

Liz  •  Link

Finally a 40 year itch has been scratched! I have read the Diary straight through, taking a leisurely 17.5 months (approx), something I’ve wanted to do since seeing the volumes in my local library reference section all those years ago.
Huge thanks to Phil for setting up and maintaining this site and to the annotators who have explained and amused throughout and to the great man himself for so candidly revealing what life was like for him and people back then.

About Sunday 11 April 1669

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I do envy SP’s ability to remember the details of the past 14 days. I have trouble remembering what day of the week it is!

About Monday 14 December 1668

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Prorogation was a word unknown to me until 2019. And here I’m coming across it again throughout the diary courtesy of Mr P.

About Tuesday 10 November 1668

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‘ I having denied my ever kissing her’
Given what he was found doing, kissing is the least of the problems.

About Monday 9 November 1668

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If Deb is keeping out of the way, what is she doing all day? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the servant’s quarters.

About Tuesday 27 October 1668

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‘when I offered to rise would have rose too, and caused a candle to be light to burn by her all night in the chimney while she ranted,’
Probably overthinking this, but what was so special about this particular ‘appeasing’ act that warranted mentioning?

About Thursday 22 October 1668

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‘Up, and W. Batelier’s Frenchman, a perriwigg maker, comes and brings me a new one’
To replace the one that caught fire, presumably!

About Wednesday 21 October 1668

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‘she is out of herself for joy almost.’
I can imagine how excited EP is - the equivalent of my getting my first car. I was also ‘ outside of myself’.
I love examining the way English changes through the years. When did ‘outside’ become ‘beside’, I wonder?

About Saturday 20 June 1668

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“I saw this new play my wife saw yesterday, and do not like it, it being very smutty”
This surprises me given Sam’s sexual proclivities. Could this be not wanting to admit to Elizabeth that he likes ‘that sort of thing’?

About Friday 12 June 1668

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“L&M: One of the twins was said to have died 'at a tate of maturity' so that 'the survivor was constrained to drag about her lifeless companion, till death released her from her horrid burden': “
I imagine this wouldn’t have taken long - necrotic tissue from the deceased would cause sepsis in the surviving twin.

About Saturday 18 April 1668

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Can’t understand the eating of oranges at the theatre. Messy business at the best of times!

About Thursday 5 March 1667/68

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“ I up, and to my Office, whither come my clerks, and so I did huddle the best I could some more notes for my discourse to-day”. I well remember ‘huddling’ with my boss and colleagues, pouring over figures, trying to think of all the things we might be asked at the Board meeting!

About Friday 10 January 1667/68

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I believe this is the first time SP has referred to Deb by her name in this context, rather than “girle”.

About Sunday 1 September 1667

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‘here I did see her little girle my goddaughter, which will be pretty,’
I hope he is not sizing her up for future antics.

About Wednesday 28 August 1667

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‘my wife and I took coach and went twice round Bartholomew fayre; which I was glad to see again, after two years missing it by the plague,’
Know how he feels!

About Thursday 21 February 1666/67

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By mistake, I read an entry for June 1668. I’m surprised at the difference in SP’s use of phrases etc. But I suppose if I went back to the beginning, I’d notice a difference there too. Just shows how we change as we get older. (btw, I’m reading straight through rather than each day. Commenced February 2020. Getting there! I have ‘The Journal of Mrs Pepys’ waiting in the wings and I want to re-read the Claire Tomalin book now that I will have soon read SP’s own words.)

About Saturday 23 February 1666/67

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I continue to be amazed at how young SP actually is at this point. All that he has achieved, the goings-on that occur and that portrait put me in mind of a much older man.

About Tuesday 1 January 1666/67

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“Finisterre is dead. Long live Fitzroy. Read our guide to the best websites on the shipping forecast and the legacy of Admiral Fitzroy
Simon Jeffery
Mon 4 Feb 2002 16.50 GMT
1. Gibraltar beware. After negotiations with the Spanish, the met office has surrendered Finisterre from its BBC radio shipping forecast.

2. The area it once described, a zone in the Atlantic, off the coasts of north-west Spain and northern Portugal, was judged to be too easily confused with another part of the ocean the Spanish also called Finisterre.

3. In the interests of international coordination it will now be called Fitzroy after the met office's founder, Admiral Robert Fitzroy, and the Spanish will keep their Finisterre (which goes slightly further down the Portuguese coast) as it is.”…