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About London (ship)

Phil Gyford  •  Link

As of May 2014 there are plans to excavate the remains of the London, whose final resting place was only confirmed in 2005:… The article says:

"The vessel was fitted for war when she blew up. The women on board were possibly officers' relatives. Perhaps they would have disembarked as the ship would have been fully prepared for war, Dunkley suggests. 'Pepys talks of ladies being on board. We don't know whether they were guests masquerading as crew members, which happened in Admiral Nelson's time. Or whether they were guests of the lower decks.'

"Although she blew up, the ship seems to be pretty complete, lying in two sections. She was once 37 metres long by 12 metres wide."

About Wednesday 15 May 1661

Phil Gyford  •  Link

One very slight difference I noticed in the L&M version. Where Pepys here says, "This afternoon there came...", L&M have it, "This evening there came..."

About Loud

Phil Gyford  •  Link

This is not Laud [Crisp], but Loud, a page to Sandwich, as explained by David Quidnunc's reference to the Companion volume.

About Friday 11 May 1660

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Regarding the Berties / Bertus... Although L&M say that this pair was "Robert and Edward Bertie, sons of the 1st Earl of Lindsey", Wikipedia says that the 1st Earl and his wife (Elizabeth Montagu) had only one son, Montagu, the 2nd Earl.

Montagu had several children, among them Robert and Edward, so I'm assuming these are the two Pepys mentions.

The 1st Earl's family:,_1st_E…
The 2nd Earl's family:,_2nd_…

About Friday 17 February 1659/60

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Thanks for the thanks.

But, while I don't mean to be ungrateful, seeing as this is the start of another decade, let's get things off to a well-behaved start! Please keep annotations about diary entries on topic, and bear in mind that people will be reading them for many years, hoping they'll explain this entry.

Feel free to post anything further about annotations on the Site News post about them:

About Tuesday 14 February 1659/60

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Phew, good to see it works Bill, thanks! I'll delete these annotations over the weekend, to keep things on topic, but nice to know it's all on track.

About Site statistics 2012

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Yes, of course, this is all just raw data pulled from Google Analytics. I expect the effects of bots of various kinds skew the results even more than the few people who disable cookies or view the site while frequently travelling!