Reader Scott Matthias recently got in touch having bought a document signed by Samuel Pepys. It appears to be the “bill of exchange” mentioned by Pepys in his entry for 31 July 1667:

At noon dined at home, and then to the office, where busy again till the evening, when Major Halsey and Kinaston to adjust matters about Mrs. Rumbald’s bill of exchange…

Scott was kind enough to let us reproduce the document here (click/tap the image for a larger version):

Scott’s best guess at interpreting the handwriting is:

Registered according to the last wishis mouroned the eighth day of July 1667 and to be paid in sourse noet after £20600 th

July 31 1667
I doe hereby assign and transfer all my right Title & interest in this Order unto Mrs Mary Rumbald the ministratrix to Wm Rumbald Esq Deceased.

If you have any better guesses as to some of the ambiguous words, do post in the comments!

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Kate  •  Link

Registred according to the Act within menc[i]oned the xiiith day of July 1667 And to be paid in course next after 520 600 li

Rob Long

July 31 1667
I doe hereby assigne & transferr all my right Title & interest in this Order unto Mrs Mary Rumbald Administratrix to Wm Rumbald Esqr Deceased.

S Pepys.

xiiith = 13th
li = £

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