The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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St Martin's Lane
Runs north from Charing Cross, past St Martin's Church. A description of the lane a century before Pepys's time can be read here:

1746 map here; click on Charing Cross in the list at the left (I think there's a way to link to individual segments but I don't know how):

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Martin's (St.) Lane, Charing Cross, a street extending from Long Acre to Trafalgar Square; built circ. 1613, and then called "the West Church Lane." It is written "St. Martin's Lane" for the first time in the rate-book of St. Martin's in the year 1617-1618; but in 1608 a Treasury Warrant was issued to pay £100 towards making a vault [or sewer] for draining, etc., from St. Martin's Lane as far as St . Giles, so that the King's passage "through these fields shall be both sweeter and more commodious." The upper part was originally called the Terrace.
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

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