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michael j. gresk m.a.  •  Link

a wind instrument. similar to a recorder or oboe. in 'single' & 'double'
formats. made of wood &/or silver. commonly tuned to key of D

fimm  •  Link

Repost of information collected from various annotations to entries of January - May 1660.

A small wooden pipe, having six or more holes, and a mouthpiece inserted at one end. It produces a shrill sound, softer than of the piccolo flute, and is said to have superseded the old recorder.

Andy Stephenson  •  Link

The Flageolet used by SP is known as the "french flageolet

Grahamt  •  Link

I bought a tin/penny whistle for my son, some years ago...
... and it was referred to as a flageolot throughout all the documentation.

Bradford  •  Link

Today, 14 April 2005, Sotheby's London is offering for sale (says the TLS for 8 April) "The Pleasant Companion; or, New Lessons and Instructions for the Flagelet," by Thomas Greeting, a friend of Pepys's. Four copies of the 2nd edition, 1673, are held in Stockholm and Washington. The auction copy "of this delightful work, containing pieces by, among others, Matthew Locke and Pelham Humprey, is expected to fetch between L3,000 and L4,000."

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