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"Philip IV (Felipe IV), (April 8, 1605 - September 17, 1665) was King of Spain [, Naples, and Sicily]...1621 to 1665 and [as Philip III,] also King of Portugal until 1640. The eldest son of Philip III and his wife Margarita of Austria, Philip IV was born at Valladolid. He was known as the Planet King, after the Sun, the fourth planet in the astronomy of the time./ His reign, after a few years of inconclusive successes, was characterized by political and military decay and adversity. He has been held responsible for the decline of Spain....His political opinions were those he had inherited from his father and grandfather. He thought it his duty to support the House of Habsburg and the cause of the Roman Catholic Church against the Protestants, to assert his sovereignty over the Dutch, and to extend the dominions of his family. The utter exhaustion of his people in the course of perpetual war, against the Netherlands, France and Great Britain, was seen by him with sympathy but he considered it an unavoidable misfortune, since he could not have been expected to renounce his legitimate rights, or to desert what he viewed as the cause of God, the Church and the House of Hapsburg./ He was idealised by his contemporaries as the model of Baroque kingship." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_IV_of_Spain

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