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Michael Robinson  •  Link

Glossary of Antique Globe Terminology - George Glazer Gallery

The page includes illustrative photographs:-

"Here is a guide to terms pertaining to antique globes. Click on a word in the list below to see its definition."

Bradford  •  Link

The concept of studying the globes persisted into the 19th century, as attested by this extract, c. 1838, from the "Life and Literary Remains" of Laetitia Elizabeth Landon (II.109, 1841), discussing a young woman from Sir Walter Scott's "Rob Roy" (1817):

"Diana Vernon's character would never have grown out of a regular education of geography, history, and the use of the globes, to say nothing of extras, such as Poonah work, or oriental tinting."

(Poonah painting, imitated by accomplished British misses, featured oriental-style designs on thin paper with thick color, no shading, no background. "Extras" at boarding school incurred an additional cost; Lewis Carroll's Alice mentions them.)

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