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Sir Allen Apsley, a faithful adherent to Charles I., after the Restoration was made Falconer to the King, and Almoner to the Duke of York in whose regiment he bore a commission. He was in 1661 M.P. for Thetford, and died 1683. http://www.fullbooks.com/The-Diary-of-Samuel-Pe...

"In 1642 Allen Apsley was knighted by the King [Charles I] and commissioned to raise a troop of horse in the West Country. By the end of 1642 he had been made Governor of Exeter in Devon [...] While in France during the commonwealth Sir Allen became a firm-drinking crony of the exiled King (much to the displeasure of some other notable royalist of the time!). Charles II rewarded Sir Allen with a few minor offices of state during this period but it was not until the restoration that he would reap his real rewards.[...] Upon the restoration Sir Allen Apsley...was made keeper of the Kings hawks (a very prestigious and enterprising affair with many benefits!) in 1660 and keeper of the North Park of Hampton court in 1661. Also treasurer to James Duke of York's household later that year as well as this many of his old estates and revenues returned to him.{...] In 1667 a new threat to the peace of Britain was on the horizon and Sir Allen now aged 51 was commissioned by the King to raise a horse regiment to repel the Dutch in case of invasion. From 1661 to 1678 Sir Allen was MP for Thetford in Norfolk.[...] in 1666 [Sir Allen] caused many disturbances on the house by coming there in a state of drunkenness. Samuel Pepys said of him " he would often give good sport to the house, arriving in a drunken mood of foul mouthed obscenities!".

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