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On the death of Oiiver Cromwell, which happened September 3, 1658, the mayor received letters from the privy council, notifying that event, and the election of his son Richard Cromwell to the dignity of protector; and commanding him to proclaim the said Richard protector of the three kingdoms; which was accordingly done on the seventh of the same month. The protector's honours were but of short continuance; for in the month of April 1659, the army obliged him to dissolve the parliament which he had convoked; and soon after deposed him from the protectorship. The members of the parliament, dissolved by Oliver Cromwell, April 20, 1653, were now invited to return to the exercise of their authority; and forty two members accordingly assembled; who, from the smalness of their number, were called in derision the rump parliament. The army, being dissatisfied with their behaviour, excluded them from their house in October following, but on the 26th of December they were restored to their seats, by the committee of safety. Feb. 21. general Monk readmitted the members who had been excluded in 1648, agreeably to an address from the citizens of London on that head. The sixteenth of March the rump parliament dissolved itself, after having issued out writs for a free parliament to meet on the twenty fifth day of April 1660; on which day the two houses assembled, the one of lords, and the other of commons, consonantly to the antient constitution.
---The History Of The City and County Of Norwich. 1768.

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In the midst of a budget/government shutdown battle in the US, the Senate Majority Leader made an interesting, if obscure to many, statement:

"Mr. Reid has insulted his Republican colleagues as 'anarchists' and 'rumps' and has called then the 'weird caucus.'"
---New York Times. 30 September 2013.

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From "Rump: or an exact collection of the choycest poems and songs relating to the late times. By the most eminent wits, from anno 1639 to anno 1661" London, 1662. Part 1, Page 361.

December 26, 1659
To the Tune of the Blacksmith

Now Master and Prentice for Rimes must pump
On Hab, Noll, Arthur, and Lawson Vantrump,
A Long Parliament of a Short Rump
Which no body can deny

For Wits and No-Wits now have an Itch
To prepare some damnable tearing Switch
For them whose very Face is a Breech.
Which, &c

Twelve years they sate above Kings and Queens,
Full twelve, and then had enter'd their teens
When Oliver came to out-sin their Sins.
Which, &c

(This continues for 13 more verses)

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