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Thomas Belasyse, 2nd Viscount, Earl Fauconberg (bpt 16.03.1627/8, dsp 31.12.1700)
m1. (03.07.1651) Mildred Saunderson (d 08.05.1656, dau of Nicholas Saunderson, 2nd Viscount Castleton) m2. (18.11.1657)
Mary Cromwell (bpt 09.02.1636/7, d 14.03.1712/3, dau of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector)http://www.stirnet.com/HTML/genie/british/bb4ae/belasyse2.htm
The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms: The Common Law ...
very interesting article on the proliferation of weapons held in the house holds of England
... See, eg., Letter Book of Thomas Belasyse, Viscount Fauconberg Lord Lieutenant
of the North Riding of Yorkshire, 1665-84

"...To grasp the magnitude of the problem that awaited Charles II upon his return in 1660 it is useful to get some idea of the numbers of firearms kept in private homes. In ordinary times each household was expected to possess arms suitable to its defense, but what was considered suitable? It is possible to obtain an indication of what was regarded as a minimal arsenal by examining the responses of those charged by Charles II's government with stockpiling weapons. For example, in 1660, in reply to allegations that he had concealed weapons, one Robert Hope pleaded that in the past he had, indeed, kept guns for neighbors, but at present he had only "one light rapire and a small birdinge gunne ..."

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Lord Falconbridge, Crazy guy?

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