The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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michael j. gresk m.a.  •  Link

a splendid day trip from london for any tourist. train is very convenient, by boat is especially pleasant. easily combined with windsor castle, but dont rush. each is worth a "day trip". the gardens, tennis courts, maze, royal apts (william & mary). the epitome of tudor architecture in the great courtyards & halls, chapel, kitchens

Pedro  •  Link

Hampton Court as seen by John Evelyn.

9 I heard the Q: Portugals Musique, consisting of Pipes, harps, & very ill voices. Hampton Court is as noble & uniforme a Pile & as Capacious as any Gotique Architecture can have made it: There is incomparable furniture in it, espeialy hangings design

A.Hamilton  •  Link

Charles [II] preferred Windsor Castle, but sometimes came to Hampton Court for the day to attend royal council meetings. He also built a set of lodgings at the south-east corner of the palace for his mistress, Lady Castlemaine. These new rooms were totally different from the Tudor gothic architecture of Henry VIII's day and heralded a move towards the style favoured by William III and Mary II.

From Hampton Court Palace History

Pedro  •  Link

"Charles [II] preferred Windsor Castle"

Defoe, in his Journey from London to Land's End says...

"King Charles II., may well be said to have an aversion to the place, for the reason just mentioned--namely, the treatment his
royal father met with there--and particularly that the rebel and murderer of his father, Cromwell, afterwards possessed this palace,
and revelled here in the blood of the royal party, as he had done in that of his sovereign. King Charles II. therefore chose Windsor, and bestowed a vast sum in beautifying the castle there, and which brought it to the perfection we see it in at this day--some few alterations excepted, done in the time of King William."

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