The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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Cumgranissalis  •  Link

great site: thanks

Bradford  •  Link

Grim edifice, superbly captured. Those of us several thousand miles away thank you.

Bill  •  Link

Tower hill, a very spacious area to the north, east and west of the Tower ditch, divided into Great and Little Tower hill. The west end extending much farther to the north is called by the former name, and the east end, in which is the victualling office, by the latter. It must be confessed that Tower hill has many handsome buildings, particularly among the row of houses which bound it to the west; but, though this great area might be rendered extremely beautiful, it is quite the reverse, in almost every other part besides that just mentioned, we find it ill built, and the ground a mere dunghill; particularly in little Towerhill, where we see either the backs of the houses next this fine area, or mean edifices in ruins. But as the hill is now improved and rendered more safe by placing strong wooden rails on the outside of the ditch, it is to be hoped that the ground will be completely levelled, and laid out to greater advantage, and that some care will be taken to rebuild the houses that are falling down, particularly as this is a place visited by all strangers.
---London and Its Environs Described. R. Dodsley, 1761.

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