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Browne, Maj.-Gen. Ald. Sir Richard
lord mayor 1660 suceeding Thomas Alleyn 1659: in 1658 it was Sir John Ireton:
mention in diary by John Evelyn
1660 june[5] Sir R: Browne, who came not

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Richard Brown, a major-general of the Parliament forces, citizen of London and a woodmonger; Sheriff of London, 1647. He was imprisoned for five years, but in Richard Cromwell's Parliament he was one of the members for London. He was one of the deputation from the City of London to Charles II. at Breda, and he and his eldest son were knighted. Lord Mayor, 1660; he was created a baronet for his prompt action during Venner's insurrection, and the City rewarded him with a pension of £500. He died September 24th, 1669.
---Wheatley (1894).

"and the members of the City that are in prison to be set at liberty" says Pepys on Feb 21, 1559/1660. Wheatley says that Browne was among this group.

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BROWNE, Sir RICHARD (d. 1669), parliamentary general and a leader of the presbyterian party; officer of the London trained bands; sent to disarm the Kentish royalists, 1642; present at the siege of Winchester; suppressed Kentish rising, 1643; fought at Alresford, 1644; major-general with task of reducing the Oxford district, 1644; present at the surrender of Oxford, 1646; a commissioner to receive Charles from the Scots, 1647; present at the seizure of Charles at Holmby, and afterwards favourable to the king; M.P. for Wycombe, but expelled by the influence of the army, 1648, and imprisoned for five years; excluded from parliament for refusing tbe 'engagement,' 1656; M.P. for Loudon in Richard Cromwell's parliament; privy to Sir George Booth's rising, 1659; intrigued for the recall of Charles II; knighted; lord mayor of London, 1660, and made a baronet for suppressing Venner's rising.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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