Saturday 12 September 1668

At it again in the morning, and then to the Office, where till noon, and I do see great whispering among my brethren about their replies to the Duke of York, which vexed me, though I know no reason for it; for I have no manner of ground to fear them. At noon home to dinner, and, after dinner, to work all the afternoon again. At home late, and so to bed.

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Terry Foreman   Link to this

"Divide et impera!" Evidently the mandate was for EACH of the Principal Officers to respond to the 'great letter' of 26 August, thus we see why SP had begun his.

Eric Walla   Link to this

How inefficient of you, Sam! I would have expected you to have your letter written--at least a solid draft!--by the time you finished the "great letter" ...

Jesse   Link to this

"whispering among my brethren about their replies"

The Office Strikes Back? The mandate makes sense. The rest of the gang has a good idea that Pepys drafted the original so it's understandable that they'd collude in their replies. The mandate also explains why Pepys would bother with one.

AnnieC   Link to this

Oh boy, office politics.
Something that continually strikes me about the Diary is not how much things have changed, but how little.

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