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Henry, youngest son of Sir Robert Killigrew, D.D., Prebendary of Westminster, and Master of the Savoy, and author of some plays and sermons. His daughter Anne was the well known poetess.
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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KILLIGREW, HENRY (1613-1700), divine; son of Sir Robert Killigrew; educated under Thomas Farnaby; of Christ Church, Oxford; M.A., 1638; chaplain to the king's army, 1642; D.D., 1642; chaplain and almoner to the Duke of York, 1660; master of the Savoy, 1663; published sermons and Latin verses, and 'The Conspiracy' (play), 1638.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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The Killigrew’s brothers were Charles (1609-1629), Robert (1611-1635), Thomas (1612-1683) and the youngest, Henry (1613–1700).

Their grandfather, Sir William Killigrew, was a groom of the privy chamber to Queen Elizabeth, and was granted an 80-year lease of the manors of Hanworth and Kempton in Middlesex.

Perhaps nurtured by the intellectual atmosphere of their Hanworth home, William and Thomas Killigrew became playwrights, and Henry (a noted divine) also possessed literary talent.

Henry Killigrew was Chaplain to the King’s army in 1642 and later prebendary of Westminster (where he was living in 1691), He was appointed Master of the Savoy Hospital from 1663 until his death in 1700 (so he would have known John Evelyn).

Their cousin, Elizabeth Killigrew (1622-1680), was an early mistress of Charles II with whom, in 1650, he had a daughter. Elizabeth was the only mistress who was older than Charles. Her husband was Francis Boyle, brother of Robert Boyle of the Royal Society, and son of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork.

Everyone knew everyone; it was a fairly small society. They were also related by marriage to Sir Francis Bacon's family.

For more information on this interesting Cornish family, see…

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