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Mary   Link to this

soporific de-lousing.

Just as I should find it impossible to fall asleep whilst someone was fiddling about with my hair, I suspect that Sam, given the chance, would find it impossible to nod off whilst watching "amazing drama" on television.

Tony Eldridge   Link to this

I no longer have enough hair to fiddle about with but if I did, I'm sure I could nod off after a long Sunday afternoon working on the accounts.
Sam doesn't seem to mention a wig any more - has he grown his own hair long so it needs regular combing?

Robert Gertz   Link to this

Sam must have looked so cute when Deb and Bess carried their tuckered little fellow to bed.

Glyn   Link to this

I thought that he had had his head shaved, so that he could wear a wig. Is he now wearing his hair "au naturel"?

(If you ever get to go to the small garden next to Seething Lane, you'll see this bust by a sculptor named Karin Jonzen at about this time in the Diary.)


Glyn   Link to this

Oh, I see Tony has already asked this question. In any case, if any girl wants to comb my hair it would take approximately 30 seconds - 25 of those seconds would be in finding it :-)

cum salis grano   Link to this

Most of the human first cozens doth love to groom, they find it very peaceful, so do lovers, so personnel sharing the little mites.

cum salis grano   Link to this

a sample

Australian Susan   Link to this

Accounts, acccounts, accounts - if anyone can make sense of this and ferret out inconsistencies, problems and mistakes, it's Sam.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

I must say it remains one of life's delights to sit in a salon and have a lovely and friendly young lady wash, cut, and comb one's hair.

I mean so I'm told...Ummn...

Fern   Link to this

"Today's special: delousing half-price"

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