Sunday 17 May 1663

(Lord’s day). Up and in my chamber all the morning, preparing my great letters to my father, stating to him the perfect condition of our estate. My wife and Ashwell to church, and after dinner they to church again, and I all the afternoon making an end of my morning’s work, which I did about the evening, and then to talk with my wife till after supper, and so to bed having another small falling out and myself vexed with my old fit of jealousy about her dancing-master. But I am a fool for doing it. So to bed by daylight, I having a very great cold, so as I doubt whether I shall be able to speak to-morrow at our attending the Duke, being now so hoarse.

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dirk  •  Link

he Rev. Josselin's diary: still in trouble with the "Act of Conformity"...

"God good to us in our outward mercies, the liberty of gods worship is yet afforded me, and mine in particular, although Mr Layfield tells me (who was judge at the visitation) that I am suspended, gods will be done, I am a poor useless creature, and if god will have me laid by his will be done. I submit with patient quietness, but my freedom I rather desire."

pauline  •  Link

'This letter has been loaded by Phil'
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Terry Foreman  •  Link

"my great letters to my father, stating to him the perfect condition of our estate"

This letter (16 May) has a detailed statement of the Brampton rents annexed. (Per L&M footnote)

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