Thursday 12 December 1661

We lay long in bed, then up and made me ready, and by and by come Will Bowyer and Mr. Gregory, my old Exchequer friend, to see me, and I took them to the Dolphin and there did give them a good morning draft, and so parted, and invited them and all my old Exchequer acquaintance to come and dine with me there on Wednesday next. From thence to the Wardrobe and dined with my Lady, where her brother, Mr. John Crew, dined also, and a strange gentlewoman dined at the table as a servant of my Lady’s; but I knew her not, and so I am afeard that poor Madamoiselle was gone, but I since understand that she is come as housekeeper to my Lady, and is a married woman. From thence to Westminster to my Lord’s house to meet my Lord Privy Seal, who appointed to seal there this afternoon, but by and by word is brought that he is come to Whitehall, and so we are fain to go thither to him, and there we staid to seal till it was so late that though I got leave to go away before he had done, yet the office was done before I could get thither, and so to Sir W. Pen’s, and there sat and talked and drank with him, and so home.

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Robert Gertz   Link to this

"We lay long in bed, then up and made me ready..." Elisabeth exerts her famed charms...But did she help get him ready this am? If so, nice...And a bit unusual unless all maids were sacked recently.

Ah, those petty and somewhat voyeuristic details Sam occasionally bestows or withholds...

vicenzo   Link to this

It wern't Eliza; it were jack hoare that kept 'im a lying. He not not 'aving 'is skates on, 'e waited until the sun thawed the puddles.
Those that be raised in warm central heated homes and never live in 16th century housing would fail to appreciate the beauty of cold , and the damp of a London day, where one take ones clothing to be the near the fire to remove chill and hands warm up to get the circulation a moving and Oh! the chilblains. When that was the norm [SOP],it would never be mentioned.

Glyn   Link to this

Mademoiselle Le Blanc went to the theatre with Captain Ferrers, Elizabeth and Sam just four weeks ago:

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