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About Sunday 31 March 1661

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"took occasion" is definitely active. Compare and contrast with the late Ronnie Scott's line:
"I was out one evening and was taken suddenly drunk"

Sorry, off topic and ten years late - but it is April Fools Day and a little humour seems overdue.

About Tuesday 5 March 1660/61

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Back to the oysters, we should bear in mind that Sam kept a running record of all expenses on a daily basis, presumably so he could claim some or all back later. Later on, in a period when his daily notes were not transcribed into the journal, we'll see that this included tips given to grooms, bag carriers, etc.

About Thursday 28 February 1660/61

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and there made sale of many old stores by the candle,
The candle method is still used here in Somerset UK to auction the annual use of a piece of land in the Mendip hills. However, it's inevitably a fairly slow process so I wonder how "many old stores" were sold. Perhaps they had a separate candle stub for each lot? Or maybe they had more time in those days.

About Monday 18 February 1660/61

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A bit late, but it is slightly misleading to use a serving maid's income as a measure. After all, she also got food and accommodation, possibly also clothes, so her total 'income' was well in excess of £3 per annum.

About Thursday 7 February 1660/61

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The link to the Duke of Buckingham is incorrect - it's his son who upset Sandwich ( and a lot of other folk later).

About Wednesday 30 January 1660/61

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The coffin in which was the body of Cromwell was a very rich thing, very full of gilded hinges and nails.
It seems strange, if the whole purpose of this charade was to humiliate the memory of Cromwell, that they left him (or most of him) in his fancy coffin. Surely, a pine box would have been more fitting for the puritan?

About Wednesday 23 January 1660/61

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Or maybe he had an expense account.

About Monday 21 January 1660/61

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Weather and politics links:
One of our local government crackpots has just suggested that the recent floods in the UK are a sign of God's disapproval of gay marriage laws. It has been pointed out that the Lord's aim must be poor as he missed London and parliament by several hundred miles.
Plus ca change......

About Friday 18 January 1660/61

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"the decay of my memory"
Sam's various responsibilities mean he has to keep a lot of balls in the air at the same time. It sounds as though he has a nagging fear of forgetting something, or someone, important which many of us can identify with.

About Tuesday 1 January 1660/61

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The attitude towards infant mortality was common many years later. In the 1911 census my grandparents' entry shows two children plus seven deceased children. The fact that they were required to list the number of dead children shows the official attitude that still applied and which was, presumably, accepted as normal.