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About Thursday 23 June 1664

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W. Howe was with me this afternoon, to desire some things to be got ready for my Lord against his going down to his ship, which will be soon; for it seems the King and both the Queenes intend to visit him. The Lord knows how my Lord will get out of this charge;

This sounds as though Sandwich is expected to contribute towards the costs of going to war himself. Anyone know what and how much would have been expected?

About Tuesday 3 May 1664

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re Povy et al:

From past experience (don't ask) if you are going to fiddle the books, it's much easier if the books are in good order. Accounts full of obvious errors invite questions which may, in turn, expose other 'errors'. I suspect that several people may want to have their hands in this particular till.

About Wednesday 13 April 1664

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" - with a goldsmith, sorting out his old plate to change for new; but, Lord! what a deale he hath! "
I assume by 'deale' Sam means a large amount. Or is he commenting on the good, or bad, deal that the goldsmith makes with Coventry?

About Saturday 2 April 1664

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"Horrifically relevant today"
Are you also thinking of a fat man blustering to the FT " If China won't sort out North Korea, we will do it ourselves"
Oh God......

About Friday 18 March 1663/64

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In Ireland there are burial grounds divided by a wall to keep Protestants away from Catholics (and vice versa). Some walls are said to be six feet deep in the ground just to make sure !

About Monday 14 March 1663/64

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" money or something worse she knows not, but there is one Cranburne, I think she called him, in Fleete Lane with whom he hath many times been mighty private, but what their dealings have been she knows not, but believes these were naught,"

Is it possible that poor Tom was secretly homosexual? It might account for some of his problems and also for Sam's fear of embarrassment. What, if anything, was the attitude to homosexuality in those times? Was it even admitted? I have read somewhere that Queen Victoria later signed an Act to make it illegal but refused to include lesbianism as she did not believe that women could do that sort of thing.

About Tuesday 23 February 1663/64

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Much sooner than that, his patron, protector and relative Sandwich will slip down the greasy pole leaving Sam to feel exposed and looking for new alliances. No job security in those days.

About Wednesday 17 February 1663/64

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Even today, in Long Acre, you can nip into a tiny alley between the large buildings and find yourself in a warren. I imagine Elizabeth's folks were living in one of the alley tenements, not on the main street.

About Friday 12 February 1663/64

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"Says he after all, well, says he......."
This suddenly brings the conversation to life, accompanied no doubt by a wagging finger.