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About Wednesday 23 September 1663

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" by and by came my brother John, who is to go to Cambridge to-morrow, and I did give him a most severe reprimand for his bad account he gives me of his studies."
I'm ashamed to admit that I have only just looked at Sam's family tree but I think it contains a clue to his frustration with John:
Seven of Sam's siblings died as children, leaving Pall and Tom who both had their own problems. With no children of his own, Sam must have placed high hopes on the remaining John carrying on the family honour and his increasing disappointment is clear.

About Saturday 19 September 1663

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How splendid that Paul Reiter should home in on this site with his definitive information. Now I need someone to identify what it is that sneaks up my legs when walking through corn stubble at this time of year - its bites are plentiful and itchy but, hopefully, don't carry the ague.

About Sunday 6 September 1663

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"God good to us in manifold mercies, ........ fears of famine ride in plenty(,) corn falling much again.

Rev. Josselin reminds me of my childhood vicar who would gabble through the service at high speed, making the words meaningless. He obviously sees nothing odd about two wildly contrasting statements in the same sentence.

About Saturday 15 August 1663

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"10. spec. a. Of a person: To be suspended on or upon a cross, gibbet, gallows, etc.; to suffer death in this way; esp. as a form of punishment. "

esp. as opposed to what? entertainment?

About Friday 24 July 1663

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"speaking well and commending me in some company..."
I get the impression that this is not the usual randy Sam - more Sam the man of some importance who is patronising (in both senses) the ladies.

About Wednesday 8 July 1663

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"Mr Urbanite, Sam"
Surely, Sam would have had a professional interest in the corn harvest. The Navy must have bought huge amounts of flour, bread and hard tack biscuits and the price, as always, would fluctuate with the success of that year's crop.

About Monday 1 June 1663

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" So, well pleased for once with this sight,"
I read this as "Glad I have seen it, but I won't bother again". Particularly as it made his head ake all evening.

About Thursday 28 May 1663

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"Neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire..."
Reminds me of my own country, currently squabbling about leaving or staying in the EU.
Neither Great nor United.

About Friday 1 May 1663

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Off topic but worth sharing, I hope:
The Bishop of Hereford, many years ago, was riding in procession through the city on a mare which turned out to be in season. A following stallion mounted her, trapping the Bishop with its forelegs, and "thus they travelled for some distance" no doubt to the delight of the onlookers.