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About Friday 14 March 1661/62

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when he comes to tell the King his secret (for none but the Kings, successively, and their heirs must know it),
Reminds me of the old sketch of Ronald Reagan being shown a vast, empty hangar: "THERE'S your stealth bomber!"

About Thursday 9 January 1661/62

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"drawing up an answer to several demands of my Lord Treasurer, and late at it till 2 o’clock. Then to dinner"
Late at it? What time did they start, I wonder. The resentful cry of the civil servant echoes down the centuries. AND they had to go back to the office after lunch !

About Wednesday 1 January 1661/62

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A small query, but how would you lose a sword in a coach? Surely the scabbard and sword hung from a belt - or did gentlemen unshackle themselves each time they sat down?

About Saturday 21 December 1661

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A bit late in the day to join in this discussion, but I wonder if the Sir Williams' real problem was that Sam had all the details at his fingertips when decisions needed to be made. My impression of them from his past comments is that they couldn't be bothered to get down to the nitty-gritty themselves.
It would have been fascinating to hear how Sam tactfully pointed this out - he was not yet in a position to say: "Look it up yourselves, you lazy b............'s"

About Saturday 7 December 1661

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" the reason whereof every body knows"
Can't remember who said around the time of Edward VII: "No greater loyalty than a man should lay down his wife for his king"

About Tuesday 20 August 1661

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" all the afternoon at home to put my papers in order."
We must remember that Sam had to keep track of two expenditures - personal and business, particularly when they overlapped so often. I assume he claimed expenses for travel, entertaining, etc and he would need detailed records to justify himself against any future complaints.
We will see later on when his notebooks are quoted instead of the diary that he even recorded tips to grooms, servants and so on. Also he was not being paid a weekly wage so the reckoning periods could be quite long.

About Friday 26 July 1661

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I'm sure you are right Sasha - I had not noticed Mr Hill's calling, my opinions were coloured by my recollections of Popes Head Alley!