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About Saturday 6 August 1664

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"to see how one of them was horsed upon a hard-trotting sorrell horse, and both of them soundly weary and galled. " Can someone explain 'galled' - and is Sam referring to the horses or the riders?
Thank you Sarah for the information on the pink - and the Irish trade problems.

About Tuesday 2 August 1664

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L&M read "... he confesses himself my debtor 100L, for my service ..."
That's more like it - a business-like approach. No more vague promises as per Creed which sent Sam off to value a gift to see how much had been paid.

About Friday 22 July 1664

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To think that all these years I have been rolling my eyes to heaven and saying "Shish" to incompetent underlings without knowing where the word came from!
Sasha, thank you for the introduction to Carissimi - fine it was, indeed.

About Thursday 14 July 1664

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"I was ready with Mr. Gauden’s and his, both directed him a letter to me to give the board their two tenders, but there being none but the Generall Monk and Mr. Coventry and Povy and I, I did not think fit to expose them to view now, ... and so with good content rose."

I suspect it's the old committee trick of waiting until everyone's talked out and bored - then you say "Oh, one more small item...." The bigger the committee, the easier it is.

About Wednesday 13 July 1664

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" hard by" means nearby, or near the office. It's another nautical term that old sea dogs like Sam enjoy.

About Thursday 7 July 1664

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I can't recall the source but remember reading somewhere that there was an official naval instruction: "All hands to dance and skylark."
Boredom is a terrible thing in a crowd of active young men.

About Thursday 23 June 1664

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W. Howe was with me this afternoon, to desire some things to be got ready for my Lord against his going down to his ship, which will be soon; for it seems the King and both the Queenes intend to visit him. The Lord knows how my Lord will get out of this charge;

This sounds as though Sandwich is expected to contribute towards the costs of going to war himself. Anyone know what and how much would have been expected?

About Tuesday 3 May 1664

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re Povy et al:

From past experience (don't ask) if you are going to fiddle the books, it's much easier if the books are in good order. Accounts full of obvious errors invite questions which may, in turn, expose other 'errors'. I suspect that several people may want to have their hands in this particular till.

About Wednesday 13 April 1664

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" - with a goldsmith, sorting out his old plate to change for new; but, Lord! what a deale he hath! "
I assume by 'deale' Sam means a large amount. Or is he commenting on the good, or bad, deal that the goldsmith makes with Coventry?