Monday 4 November 1661

In the morning, being very rainy, by coach with Sir W. Pen and my wife to Whitehall, and sent her to Mrs. Hunt’s, and he and I to Mr. Coventry’s about business, and so sent for her again, and all three home again, only I to the Mitre (Mr. Rawlinson’s), where Mr. Pierce, the Purser, had got us a most brave chine of beef, and a dish of marrowbones. Our company my uncle Wight, Captain Lambert, one Captain Davies, and purser Barter, Mr. Rawlinson, and ourselves; and very merry. After dinner I took coach, and called my wife at my brother’s, where I left her, and to the Opera, where we saw “The Bondman,” which of old we both did so doat on, and do still; though to both our thinking not so well acted here (having too great expectations), as formerly at Salisbury-court. But for Betterton he is called by us both the best actor in the world. So home by coach, I lighting by the way at my uncle Wight’s and staid there a little, and so home after my wife, and to bed.

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Robert Gertz   Link to this

Sam's behaving himself I see...Picking Beth up for the show, etc. There's a nice air of conjugal companionship in this entry as well as respect for Beth's opinion (of course she agreeing with him no doubt that helped...)

Anyone else see "Stage Beauty"? I was a little disappointed with the Betterton in it.

vicente   Link to this

The Bondman
bought a copy of play + refs at

Mary House   Link to this

What would you do with a plate of marrowbones? Suck the marrow out of them or maybe first break them to get at the marrow?

john lauer   Link to this

Marrow-ball soup goes by various (ethnic) names. Very tasty.

Pauline   Link to this

"What would you do with a plate of marrowbones? "
In these times, we suck the marrow out or twirl it out with the tip of a knife. Best hot, or at least warm.

upper_left_hand_corner   Link to this

Marrowbones: Osso buco anybody?

Mary   Link to this


Long-shanked, slender spoons were made, expressly for extracting the marrow from the bones. They turn up in antique shops with fair regularity.

Louise Hudson   Link to this

Marrow is usually spread on bread.

john   Link to this

Beef-marrow consumption ceased for a while due to BSE (mad-cow disease).

Louise Hudson   Link to this

Not in Sam's day, surely.

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