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About Thursday 20 March 1661/62

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Jesse wrote

"my mind in good ease when I mind business, which methinks should be a good argument to me never to do otherwise."

"While I certainly can sympathize, what kind of diary would that make?"
I am pretty sure Sam kept his diary for himself, alone, so it wouldn't matter what kind of diary it might make for others. I'm also sure he would be horrified at the thought that it would be published. He wrote much of it in code and probably thought no one would ever figure it out--or even want to try. He would never have guessed that people in many countries some 400 years after he wrote it would be reading it.

About Friday 14 February 1661/62

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A thousand pounds here, a thousand pounds there, the next thing you know you're talking about real money.

(From a quote attributed to Everett Dirksen, Illinois Senator 400+ years later, though the amount was millions of dollars being spent by Congress. (Inflation, you know.)

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

About Saturday 8 February 1661/62

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daniel on 9 Feb 2005 • Link

Chillish today?
Why not a Physic?

According to seventeenth century medicine, does anyone know the connection between these two conditions?

It was a common thing to think that physic would remedy just about any ailment. This thinking went well into the 20th Century and perhaps the 21st in some places. My own parents had this notion.

About Thursday 6 February 1661/62

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alteracon: presumaby Sam's idiosyncratic spelling of alteration. Nothing to get excited about. i doubt there is anything more to it than that.

About Tuesday 4 February 1661/62

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Vicenzo wrote: "...They say every woman dreams of snakes at least once in her life... "

I'm not sure the snakes women dream of are necessarily reptiles.

About Sunday 19 January 1661/62

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I've heard that before insurance for shipments, shippers would break up their packs of goods and place them on different ships so if one went down, the whole shipment would not be lost. This could have been the precursor of insurance, which would have made such breaking up of shipments unnecessary. The cost of a lost shipment would be bourne by all who bought the insurance.

About Thursday 16 January 1661/62

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Dirk : "In 2002 (last year in the database), £6 from 1662 would have been worth £491.23, using the retail price index. And similarly 36s from 1662 would be £147.37. . .

"So, the portraits are costing Sam a considerable sum of money.

Two hand-painted portraits would have cost a lot more than £491 in 2007. The frames would also cost more than £147 for two unless they were a poor grade and were bought at a discount store. Sam got a bargain compared to 2007.

About Wednesday 15 January 1661/62

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I suspect "the plague" in this case was a biblical threat and not an actual one, a religious punishment because they had failed to fast--a little like saying, "God will punish us for that."

About Monday 13 January 1661/62

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"whose mother, Mary Attwaters, after forty-four years of widowhood, died at ninety-three, having lived to see three hundred and sixty-seven of her own lawful descendants"

I wonder how that worked out exactly. Seems impossible.