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About Tuesday 20 November 1660

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Bruce's description sounds like something much older than the "late '60s". There were automatic washing machines in the '60s. I woukdn't have thought that anyone in a more or less modern town was doing laundry in the way he explains after the 1920s or so. except perhaps in real backwaters. I grew up in the '40s and '50s and we had a wringer washer. We were a working class family and it was not unusual for people in our class to have an electric washing machine.

About Sunday 18 November 1660

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Though it seems too early for the use of the word "loo'"I can't help wondering if the word came from Bourdaloue.

About Tuesday 13 November 1660

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My grandmother had a coal stove. She said she could judge the approximate temperature by opening the oven door and feeling the heat on her face. She baked many loaves of bread and meals for a large family so she must have known what she was doing. I think one can learn to judge approximate temperatures the way my grandmother did with enough experience--and enough burnt meals.

About Sunday 11 November 1660

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We don't call them servants these days, but there are definite social divides. When I worked in a large corporation, you didn't find the executives going out to lunch with the secretaries--and certainly not with the cleaning staff! They wouldn't meet after work for a drink, either. If a male executive was seen having lunch or a drink with his secretary, tongues would wag. This took place in the land of "classlessness" and "equality" and not so many years ago, either.

About Friday 2 November 1660

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If digestion in Pepys time was anything like it is today, people would have slept propped up in bed to prevent acid reflux, probably even more prevalent in those days considering what they ate, the time they ate their final meal and what they drank, no doubt, lots of beer and ale.