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About Thursday 21 January 1663/64

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This is odd. The Wikipedia entry on James Turner [] who I assume is the same James Turner Pepys is referring to--unless there was anothet similar James Turner of the same time. But the Wikipedia article says, he "appears to have died soon after 1685, although the exact date of his death is unknown." It says nothing about an execution. 1685 is long after Pepys says he witnessed his hanging in 1664. Can anyone straighten this out? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

About Monday 11 January 1663/64

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Even if laundry was done only once a month or once every six months in the Pepys household, I'll bet underclothes and bed linen were washed every time whether they needed washing or not.

About Sunday 10 January 1663/64

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Sam and Beth turned their noses up at Swan at Uncle Wight's on New Year's day and would have none of it. I thought at the time that they thought Swan was beneath them. I guess not.

About Saturday 9 January 1663/64

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Todd Bernhardt asks "What was he thinking?" We know what he was thinking!

Arby is probably right, it's a cold sore or a chancre. Let's hope it's herpes simplex and not syphillis, which was rampant then--and often fatal.

About Friday 8 January 1663/64

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Bryan M, you took the words right out of my mouth, though I always heard it as "The little dog laughed to see such sport
. . ."

The original Mother Goose Rhymes wasn't published until about 1780, though the individual rhymes were probably widely known before that.

About Wednesday 6 April 1664

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Such a sad story. I suppose Sam and Elizabeth could have taken the child in, but perhaps that was not the done thing. If Tom was the father, Sam and Elizabeth would have been the child's uncle and aunt. Pal would have also been the child's aunt. Instead the child probably died from neglect, as so many illegitimate babies did in those days. It would take nearly another 100 years for London to get its first foundling hospital (Coram's) not that countless babies didn't still die of neglect, but it helped a little. Coram's is now open to the public as a museum. Worth a visit.

About Sunday 3 January 1663/64

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"Lay long in bed, and then rose and with a fire in my chamber . . ."

I thought for a moment he was going to say "with a fire in my loins." As Emily Latella would say, in another century, "That's very different. Never mind."

About Thursday 31 December 1663

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I guess you could call us Pepys' peeps.

Peeps is slang for friends--the people that someone hangs out with all the time.