Tuesday 15 October 1661

At the office all the morning, and in the afternoon to Paul’s Churchyard to a blind place, where Mrs. Goldsborough was to meet me (who dare not be known where she lives) to treat about the difference which remains between my uncle and her. But, Lord! to hear how she talks and how she rails against my uncle would make one mad. But I seemed not to be troubled at it, but would indeed gladly have an agreement with her. So I appoint Mr. Moore and she another against Friday next to look into our papers and to see what can be done to conclude the matter. So home in much pain by walking too much yesterday … which much troubles me.

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Robert Gertz   Link to this

The mysterious Ms. Goldsborough..."who dare not be known where she lives"...

Robert Gertz   Link to this

I'm sorry I can't resist...

"So Goldsborough...You expect me to talk?"

"No, Mr. Pepys...I expect you to die!"

RexLeo   Link to this

"... to treat about the difference which remains between my uncle and her"

Oh, the tales the dead leave!

Mr. Moore seems to be P's reliable hatchet man for all his problematic dealings.

vicente   Link to this

I guess it could be a family trait???
Money or? "...difference which remains ..."

Lawrence   Link to this

"Mrs Goldsborough" Per L&M "She owed £10 to the estate of Robert Pepys, and presumably did not want her address to be known for fear of arrest. There was also some dispute about the mortgage on her estate"

Mary   Link to this

"by walking too much yesterday...."

There's another Bowdlerisation here. L&M offer: "by walking too much yesterday I have made my testicle to swell again, which much troubles me."

JWB   Link to this

"Walk it off"
The coach's prescription time tested.

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