Cover of the book, showing a painting of a period room with walls covered with paintingsReaders of this site may be interested in a new book, The Closet: The Eighteenth-Century Architecture of Intimacy by Danielle Bobker, which looks at this room as it was written about by various authors, including Samuel Pepys. Given how interested Pepys was in improving and enjoying his closet, it sounds interesting.

We’ll have a review of the book at some point but feel free to buy it now (although it’s an academic hardback, so it’s not cheap).

UPDATE: Danielle got in touch to point out that if you buy direct from the Princeton University Press website you can use the code P234 which will give you 30% off and free international shipping!

(Disclosure: the Amazon links generate a small amount of un-needed income for this site, but the alternative sources are much nicer!)


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