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About Tuesday 4 July 1665

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L&M have SP calling Prince Rupert Prince Robert

I hear this day the Duke and Prince Robert are both come back from sea
Was SP writing in a hurry and not noticing his error or were the names interchangeable? Or, God forbid, have L & M misread the text and reproduced an error!?

About Friday 7 April 1665

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Why does Sam not want to dine with Povy? Perhaps he needs to look at Povy's accounts again and get his thoughts straight. He does dine with him the following day.

About Thursday 12 January 1664/65

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"But the wind being Easterly....."
L&M's footnote 1. reads "Recte, westerly", so Sam has made a mistake. Probably in a hurry!

About Monday 2 January 1664/65

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"I was vexed to have a dog brought to my house to line our little bitch..."
L&M read "lime" and the Glossary reads: "Lime [of dogs]: to mate".

About Tuesday 20 December 1664

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Could it be, and I'm acting as a kind of devil's advocate here, that some of Sam's sexual exploits are, in fact, wish fulfillment a la Walter Mitty? We have no independent verification other than Sam's own account. What if Mr.Bagwell never left the house? What if Sam gained no more than a kiss goodbye? The events described are what he wanted to happen not that they necessarily did.

Sam is a very small man even for the 17th century. He probably nurses an inferiority complex where ladies are concerned. His wife was a very impressionable young girl when he married her. There is some evidence that Sam is no Romeo or successful Lothario. Remember the lady in the coach! Sam pretended to be immersed in his book for the whole journey. What if she were not ugly as one annotator supposed but beautiful, and Sam was frightened to proceed.

I am not always convinced that Sam behaves quite as he describes.

About Monday 19 December 1664

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"But I coying with her made her leave crying..."

L&M read: "But I cogging with her, made her leave crying..." and the Glossary gives the meaning of to "cog" as to cheat, banter, wheedle. The last two meanings seem to fit the bill.

About Wednesday 26 October 1664

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Slightly off at a tangent but why did the City Councillors wish to prevent a bridge being built between Westminster and Lambeth, and why did they conceive it to have possibly dangerous consequences. Letting the mob have easier access to their privileged domain?

About Sunday 2 October 1664

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Although Sam married for love it seems rather the case of the pot calling the kettle black when he observes to Lady Sandwich that Creed "would love nothing but money" when a suitable partner is being discussed. It would seem that Mrs. Wright is not very wealthy!

About Sunday 14 August 1664

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Perhaps SP could use the microscope to read Cocker's engravings on his slide rule with silver plates!
[see diary 10/08/1664]

About Tuesday 14 June 1664

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I wondered if the "young ladies" in the company of Miss Betty Becke were in fact the daughters of Mr. Laxton the Apothecary.

"and after dinner by coach to Kensington, in the way overtaking Mr Laxton the Apothecary with his wife and daughters, very fine young lasses....."

Sam continues "And so both of us [I take he means Bess tho' she is not mentioned again during the singing and mirth in Sir H. Finch's garden. Perhaps she remained with Lady Sandwich at a different location.] Lady S is staying at Dean Hodges who L&M tell us had 2 houses in Kensington.
Sam continues "Much company came hither today" but doesn't tell us where he is tho' they all had easy access to Sir H. Finch's garden, who lived, L&M tell us, at Neyt Manor, later known as Kensington Palace.

Sam performs a rather astonishing volte face over Betty Becke, doesn't he? Earlier he had called her "slut" [12/11/63] and other harsh names. Now, having met her, he is full of admiration calling her a "fine lady" and "very well carriaged and mighty discreet". She is a good conversationalist; intelligent enough tho' "to entangle" Sandwich. She sounds quite a girl!!