Over the last few days there has been an increasing amount of spam annotations appearing. I’ve now added an extra question to the annotations form which will hopefully prevent automated spammers from successfully posting things. It’s a simple enough question that you shouldn’t have any problems with it!

Many thanks to Mary and, especially, Paul Chapin, who have been doing a grand job flagging spam annotations for me to delete. It’s made my response much quicker and easier.

I’ve had an increasing number of spam comments on my personal site too — more than one a minute for a while on Friday afternoon — and have ended up switching comments off entirely for the moment there.

Let me know if you have any problems with the new system when posting annotations. It’s an annoying extra hurdle, but hopefully it will keep the site free from spam.


First Reading

Ian Greenwood  •  Link

Having received via this website (as I assume many of us have) an unusual proposition from a charmingly-clad American lady, I fell to wondering (being rather too far from the USA to make her acquaintance) what Samuel would have made of such an invitation. My guess is he would have filed it away in that part of his mind set aside for private matters, and, maybe, if the occasion presented itself, followed it up to some extent. The lady, of course, would reside rather closer, let us say Islington or Stratford-atte-Bow. At some point the question of remuneration would have been raised, and it might be then that Samuel would have thought better of it and made his excuses. As, more or less, have we. (Again, I assume.)

Geoff Hallett  •  Link

Wondered where everyone had gone. Thanks Phil.

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