Some time ago I added the average monthly temperature and links to the House of Commons and House of Lords journals to the side of each diary entry. I’ve now added links to information at the Records of Earls Colne.

The site includes the diary of Ralph Josselin, the vicar of this Essex village, which have been posted in annotations here in the past. I’ve now added links from Pepys’ Diary pages directly to Josselin’s diary entries for the same days, where available.

The Earls Colne site also includes many church records — of baptisms, marriages, burials, etc — plus various documents from court proceedings. I’ve now added links from the relevant days to these sources.

Pepys didn’t have any direct connection to Earls Colne (a village forty miles north east of London) as far as I know, but I thought these contemporary documents would help provide some extra atmosphere and background reading. Here’s an example.

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Thanks:great way to find out what the country parson thinks of the big city, as he tills the land and tends his flocks.

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