I’ve been very bad at organising another get-together for anyone who can make it. But Glyn Thomas has gently badgered me enough and has a good suggestion:

Every September, hundreds of buildings throughout the city that are normally either closed to the public or charge an admission fee are opened for free — it’s become one of the city’s most popular annual events. This year London Open House weekend is on 15th and 16th September, and details of the places that can be visited will be published in mid-August. No doubt some of them will have a Pepysian connection as, for example, in previous years these have included the Government Treasury Offices on the site where Pepys once lived, the Crypt of the Guildhall which has a stained glass window in his memory, and Trinity House of which he was a director.

It seems a good time to hold the second of our “annual” Pepys meetings, in this case at The Samuel Pepys in Stew Lane, 48 Upper Thames Street, London, from 2pm on Saturday 15th September.

So, put it in your diaries and I hope some of you can make it! The only downside is that I won’t be able to make it myself as I’m away at a wedding that weekend. But tying it in with Open House weekend sounds a good plan for those who would be making a special trip to London and we have several years left if, for some reason, you’re desperate to meet me!


Paul Chapin  •  Link

September 15 is the exact midpoint of the diary, as EKmathcountschamp informed us in February:

"Sam started the Diary on Jan 1, 1660 and stopped on May 31, 1669, for a total of 3439 days (there are 3 leap years -in 1660, 1664 and 1668). The midpoint of his Diary would be 1719.5 days which (including the 2 leap years of 1660 and 1664) would bring us to the September 14/15 date."

(EK is 10 years old!) [and the K is for Kerwin - PC]

So that is indeed a propitious date for a Pepys gathering, as well as a nice time of year to be in London. I'm just bummed to hear that Phil can't be there. I'd certainly like to try to come.

Margaret Jacobs  •  Link

What a great site this is, as a Pepys tragic I'm looking forward to exploring it..... Wish I could come to the get-together but I live on a few thousand miles onthe wrong side of the Thames - in Melbourne. Hope there's something happening like this next year when I'm hoping to be in London for a few days.

Carl in Boston  •  Link

You are all invited to a Boston Pepys Party on Sept 15, 2007 at Ye Olde Union Oyster House, 2 PM to 4 PM, near Faneuil Hall in Boston, Mass, USA. I will be there with a picture of Samuel Pepys at my booth. I hope others will show up too. My cell phone is 781-521-4272 that we may further consult. This is my invention without knowing anyone else, but I know you're out there with your ears on, good buddies. We can salute Sam with raw oysters and ale, or other food if you like, and discuss our favorite diarist.

All you in Australia, take due notice thereof and govern yourselves accordingly.

Todd Bernhardt  •  Link

I wish I could go! I'd wanted to help organize and attend one in London in January '08, but finances and circumstances (and marital harmony) will not permit it, unfortunately. I will raise my glass toward Londonium (and toward you Bostonians) at the proper hour(s)...

Desiree Miloshevic  •  Link

Wish I could join your eclectic and fun meet-up. I'll be in Belgrade and with you in thoughts. Hope to see a lot of photos on flickr. There is some hope that you'd organise a similar meet-up next year and that I'd be home and able to join you.

jeannine  •  Link

Thanks to Carl for coordinating such a wonderful event in Boston! It was so enjoyable to meet all of the local fellow Pepysians, share thoughts, insights and laughs about our hero. Looking forward to next year's event!

wisteria53  •  Link

Our very first street party was Saturday afternoon the 15th, so I couldn't get there - but I thought of you at the time. We never have any invites and managed to have three for that day....

Livio Quatrini  •  Link

My name is Livio Quatrini and I'm a student of Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Italy.
I'm preparing a short assay on Pepys's Diary and I'm interested in the internal organization of the books in the Pepys Library. I'm asking for your help to know the press number of Thomas Shelton's short-writing method "Tachygraphy".
I saw in the old catalogue BIBLIOTECHA PEPYSIANA – A Descriptive Catalogue of the Library of Samuel Pepys – Voll. 2 - p.xvi, and 4 - p. 29 that the book I'm referring to has a location 860-10, which should mean that it can be found on shelf n. 3, front row, but I can't find the number of the press that contains it.
I thank you in advance for your kind help and hope to receive some reply.

Best regards.
Livio Quatrini

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