Glyn Thomas has had the idea of organising a meet-up for any readersof the site who’d like to get together in person. It’s Pepys’ birthday very soon so it seems as good an excuse as any (but apologies for the short notice).

So, Saturday, 25th February, three days after the birthday, seems the best time to meet. We’ll gather at The Anchor pub, on the south bank of the Thames, next to Southwark Bridge, at 2pm. Even better: it is claimed that Pepys watched the Great Fire from here! Here’s a map of the location.

There’s an outdoor seating area, so if the weather’s mild we may be there. Otherwise you’ll have to search around inside. There are a load of photos of me at Flickr which should help in recognising the group, and I’ll make sure a volume of the diary is visible, just to be sure!

The best way to get to the Anchor is to go to London Bridge tube/rail station and walking west past Borough market through the picturesque little streets and alleys along the south bank. But there are plenty of other stations a pleasant walk away too.

Saturday 25th February, 2pm, The Anchor, by Southwark Bridge. Try not to be too late, as I don’t know how long we’ll be there, but I hope a few of you can come along and we can meet each other in person!


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Bradford  •  Link

What a treat to see Our Host from every angle. Sincerely hope it is warmer Saturday week in boreal London than it is in the tropical American Mid-South today, namely 0C; but an afternoon draft or two should rectify that. Remember those present in spirit, and Anchors aweigh!

Mary  •  Link

With great regret, I have to say that I cannot get to Southwark on Feb. 25th, but many thinks for the suggestion. However, don't walk past Borough Market; pop inside and buy some 1st class meat, vegetables, fish, fruit or whatever takes your fancy.

PHE  •  Link

Can not make it this time. If it goes well, perhaps arrange a repeat in the future (with more notice!). Take some pictures, and give us a chance to guess who's who!

Miss Ann  •  Link

I too am very sorry not to be able to make it, too short notice to get from DownUnder to the Old Dart, maybe next time. Can't wait to see the photos - would love to see what the Water Writer & Robert Gertz look like, but then again maybe my imagination would be the best way to visualise them. Have a great afternoon, will be thinking of you all.

Andrew  •  Link

Too little notice, alas, for one bogged down in D.C. Great idea, and worth repeating .. not the Tabard, I note. (When that February, with its showers of soot...)

Maura Moran  •  Link

I for one am able to come - though I lurk more than post, I lurk intently. Just thought I'd better say so in case it gets cancelled due to the regrets sent in so far!

qB  •  Link

I hope to make it
although I might have to bring a child. But he's quite well behaved.

GrahamT  •  Link

I hope to make it, if the weather doesn't become too bad.

Carl Wickstrom, Boston Mass USA  •  Link

Wow! People of style, taste, and fashion meeting at the Anchor. It quite takes my breath away. I remember the Anchor and the area from a happy visit to London, which now is too far away for me. Do you know of any of the right thinking sort of people in the Boston Mass area?

Roger Arbor  •  Link

Have a great day all those who CAN make it. After working for decades in the City I am envious. Just the sort of trip I'd have loved to make for the day... do it again please with more notice! (Thinks... I could have done a City tour... rats!)

Sjoerd  •  Link

Thanks to a last minute offer from the Stena Line and a school holiday in Holland I COULD make it: a birthday bash for Samuel 373 years after the day.
It was a pleasure and privilege to meet Phil and Mary, Maura, Graham T., Glyn and Lynn in person. Maybe for the 375 edition some airline should sponsor the event, so that all Pepys fans could take part.

I took the "Tower" tour with the family, and i must repeat this "line" from the "Beefeater on duty":

"Any people from the States here? (yes,yes) You do like our history, don't you ? (yes, yes). Well it could have been yours as well, if only you would have paid your taxes !"

Mary  •  Link

Which Mary, I wonder?

Sadly, not me, as I couldn't get to Southwark last Saturday.

Paul Chapin  •  Link

Thanks to LW for the great photo. I was hoping somebody would provide one.
Now can LW or someone give us an L-to-R guide to the dramatis personae?

Sjoerd  •  Link

Left to right:
Maura, Phil, Lynn, Glyn & me. Mary took the picture & Graham T. arrived later. This Mary does not annotate. She and Phil communicate by talking, it seems. ;-))


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