There were a couple of problems on the site over the past few days: a few error messages appearing and 18th April 1661 failed to appear. Unfortunately web server upgrades coincided with me being on holiday, so I wasn’t aware there was a problem until now.

All is now well. The error messages were only appearing briefly and you can now read the missing 18th April 1661 diary entry.


First Reading

Eric Walla  •  Link

Now how should we approach transferring the fine posts for the 18th from the annotations on the 19th? Should posters be encouraged to post again, or can this be done "behind the scenes?"

Phil  •  Link

Good point Eric! I've moved all the comments referring to the 18th over to the correct (new) page. Hopefully it all makes sense still...

Edith Lank  •  Link

Why so shy about what forced Pepys to leave the coronation scene? I assume you can't quote the Lathrop transcription (copyrighted?) but surely you can use a single word from it: "PISS".

Phil  •  Link

It's not me that's shy -- it's the Victorian "translation" of the diary that this site uses which is shy. Such omissions are usually filled out in the annotations by people referring to the Latham and Matthews edition.

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