Many people have had problems accessing the site over the Christmas period. The web server was moved to a new (and temporary) location just before Christmas but it appears that many ISPs were very slow to update their DNS records, which point to the computer serving its pages. Anyone using those ISPs were therefore unable to reach the site, because their computers couldn’t find the new server.

The records appear to have updated within the last day or two, so hopefully everything is back to normal (although if it isn’t, you won’t be reading this!). Apologies for the problem, but I’m afraid there was little I could do. If a similar situation arises again, the best place to go to make sure you’re not alone is the Pepys’ Diary discussion list. You don’t have to join to read the messages; click the ‘Message’ link in the left hand column to read them.

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Bardi (McLennan)  •  Link

Aha! And I was blaming my (stupid)computer. All's well, etc.

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