There was a bit about the site in the issue of Web User that just left the UK newsstands; I didn’t read it, so I’m not sure what it said. I’ll also be interviewed by Valerie Richardson on WPKN in Bridgeport, Connecticut at around 10.30am local time today.


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Thanks for letting us know, Phil --
I'm listening to it now, thanks to the magic of RealAudio!

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A good meaty 20-minute interview.
Notable exchange:
"How much time do you spend on it each day?"
"More than I expected!"
Phil explained that it doesn't take that much time actually posting the entries, but he gets caught up in reading the annotations (as do we all). He mentioned annotators who explain linguistic usage of the time (*LH bows graciously*), currency, clothing, &c., and gave a shout-out to Project Gutenberg and Movable Type for making it all possible. (He also mentioned that a reader had given him a copy of the Tomalin bio; good for him or her!)

The interviewer (who is a diary reader herself) said she plans to update her web page (linked to in the entry above) this weekend, so hopefully everyone will be able to listen to it next week; if you don't have RealAudio, you can download it for free.

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Thanks for the summary LH! I hope it sounded OK; by the end I was getting tired of the sound of my own voice!

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Take another bow, LH -- it's well deserved!

Bridgeport's Mayor Ganim is now on trial for alleged corruption of the sort commonly accepted in Pepys's day -- accepting payments from people who wanted to do business with the government.

One of the prosecution witnesses, Lenny Grimaldi, was hired by Donald Trump for a job very similar to the role Pepys played for Montagu: writing private letters on the news in Bridgeport -- in this case, especially relating to the prospects of a possible casino.

I wonder if they were listening.

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