The New York Times has an article which is mostly about Pepys, this site and comparing weblogs in general to Pepys’ style. Be a bit careful though; some huge interactive GE advert on the page locked my browser up for several minutes until I could get Back off the page (using Mozilla on Mac OS X); I resorted to Lynx. (Thanks Gerry.)


K.A.Berg  •  Link

Reading the NYTimes story without any difficulty, in one of the 30 windows open on my browser..but then I use Opera..

Scolbourne  •  Link

multi windows in Netscape 4.77 no problem
now back to the topic of Pepys

Judy B  •  Link

If you go directly into the NY Times site at and do a search on "Pepys" you'll get the article without all of the garbage. I just tried it and had no popups or other irratating things float across the page.

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