Not only is the Public Record Office holding an exhibition of Pepys materials from February but so is the Guildhall Library (from Feb 10th to June 7th). The press release doesn’t give many more details about the show’s contents other than saying it contains “books, prints and documents.” (Thanks to my sister Sue for the tip!)


First Reading

Glyn  •  Link

OK, so pressgang Phil (or his sister) into nominating a date and let's go as a group. This exhibition is free, but if you want to go into the main Art Gallery and Roman Amphitheatre, it is free only after 3.30pm and all-day Fridays. The pre-Raphaelite paintings there are fantastic.

Bill-in-Georgia  •  Link

I'm having so much fun with this site that I might fly across and join you!

vincent  •  Link

Glyns link is wonderful: see so many great things: I loved the delfware:
coffee did taste so much better than in that Joe Lyons mug:

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