Do you use LiveJournal? You may or may not know there’s a Pepys’ Diary user. But something seems wrong with it becuase, if you scroll down, some days appear repeatedly. I’ve never used LiveJournal, so if you know what might be causing this, then do let me know!


First Reading

Stuart Woodward  •  Link

Do you re-edit the feed entries after posting them? If so, Livejournal may have no way to know that the updated RSS entry is an updated entry of one that it has seen before and thus reposts it in the Pepys Live journal as a new entry.

It looks like it is archiving the feed rather than just echoing the current status of the feed.

Phil  •  Link

Hmm, that could be it -- occasionally I add extra links into entries after they've been posted. Seems like LJ can't cope with such things unfortunately.

Brad Fitzpatrick  •  Link

I fixed this yesterday. LiveJournal finally detects an RSS item edit and edits the corresponding LJ item, instead of posting it new.

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