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First Reading

vincent  •  Link

Both Kipps and Sprong : very usefull and talented friends "...At Dorset House I met with Mr. Kipps, my old friend, with whom the world is well changed, he being now sealbearer to the Lord Chancellor, at which my wife and I are well pleased..."
25th of june
"...My mind very quiet, only a little trouble I have for the great debts which I have still upon me to the Secretary, Mr. Kipps, and Mr. Spong for my patent...."

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

L&M: Thomas Kipps had been a servant of George Montagu.

How did Pepys know this old friend? From Cambridge, King's School, Huntingdon High -- or just from visiting Montagu overlaps?

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.