The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

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Wandsworth was convenient to Whitehall, and so there were a number of manor houses and estates where courtiers and their families could live.

When the old manor house of Wandsworth was pulled down, upon removing some old paneling a little cupboard was discovered, full of dusty phials and mouldy pillboxes bearing the names of Queen Anne's numerous children who died in infancy – perhaps they had been sent there for wet nurse services?

In Pepys’ time Endymion Porter, gentleman of the bedchamber and one of the favorite attendants of King Charles I took a lease of the manor of Allfarthing for 31 years, to commence in 1646.

The manor of Dunsford was sold in 1664 to the family of Sir Allen Brodrick MP, in whose possession it continued for several generations.

Highlights from an 18th century history of Wandsworth…

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