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John, Lord Berkeley (of Stratton,)
Sir William Penn,
Peter Pett, Esq.—B,

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From "Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self" by Claire Tomalin
"Of the commissioners, Penn, who was given a brief to take an interest in every aspect of the board's work…owed his appointment to his years of experience as a naval commander…. Another commisioner, Peter Pett, the master-shipwright at Chatham, had nothing of the cavalier about him and had served Cromwell zealously; but no change of government could unseat him, because the Pett family had a virtual monopoly of shipbuilding in the Thames yards, and he moved smoothly to work for the restored monarchy.

“…Lord Berkely, the third commissioner, was appointed purely as a sign of royal favour; nothing was expected of him.”

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Commissioners of other government departments. The names of the Commissioners were—
Sir Edward Hyde, afterwards Earl of Clarendon,
General Monk,
Thomas, Earl of Southampton,
John, Lord Robartes, Thomas, Lord Colepeper,
Sir Edward Montagu,
with Sir Edward Nicholas and Sir William Morrice as principal Secretaries of State. The patents are dated June 19th, 1660. june 6th ref
Sir Edward Nicholas and Sir Wm Morris swore SP and his Lord into office;

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