The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

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Hampstead began as a Saxon village. Its name comes from the Saxon words 'ham stede', which meant home farm. For centuries it was just a quiet village like many others in England where the people grew crops and grazed animals.

However, in the late 17th century Hampstead, like many villages near London, began to develop as wealthy people fled the plague of 1665 and the fire of 1666. Rich people wanted to live near the amenities of London but away from the noise and dirt of the city.…

Hampstead has two famous old pubs:
The Spaniards Inn takes its name from the fact it was once the home of the Spanish ambassador. The pub is associated with a number of ghost stories and famous persons, such as highwayman Dick Turpin, who was said to be a regular. Legend has it that pub founders Francesco and Juan Perero fought over a woman and Juan was killed. As a result, leaving his ghost to haunt the pub.
Another Hampstead pub, The Flask was named for the flasks of water it used to sell in addition to its ale. The pub has at least two notable ghosts, the first of which was a Spanish barmaid who hung herself in the attic (now a seating area) after being spurned by the Publican.
There’s also said to be a man in a Cavalier uniform who walks across the floor before vanishing into a pillar. The Flask’s Committee Room is also supposedly the location of the first autopsy, with a body brought over from nearby Highgate Cemetery.…

17th century travelers were served by The Chalybeate Well, no longer functioning, but once a flowing mineral spring:
"To the memory of the Hon. Susanna Noel who with her son Baptist, 3rd Earl of Gainsborough, gave this well together with 6 acres of land to the use and benefit of the poor of Hampstead 20 December, 1698.
"Drink Traveller, and then with strength renewed,
Let a Kind Thought be given to her who hath thy thirst subdued,
Then Render Thanks to Heaven."…
Lots of photos of modern Hampstead ... I transcribed this from a photo of the placque you will see. There's one picture they should include: From Parliament Hill you can see the whole of London ... it's spectacular.

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