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First Reading

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Per L&M Companion:

Goldsmith-banker of Lombard Street 1655-66, and Lime Street 1666-d. 70; Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths' Company 1669-70. Pepys dealt with him on both private and Tangier business. It was reported that he died 400,000 L in debt but with 'an estate to satisfie his creditors to a penny, and a very great estate over-plus.'

Second Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

John Colvill must have been a successful goldsmith, given what L&M tells us about his estate. However, Pepys wasn't impressed by his character:

"So back again to Colvill’s, ... I find him a bold man to say any thing of any body, and finds fault with our great ministers of state that nobody looks after any thing; and I thought it dangerous to be free with him, for I do not think he can keep counsel, because he blabs to me what hath passed between other people and him."


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