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According to L&M he was of Wricklemarsh, south of Blackheath, Kent. One of the most vigorous supporters of parliament and the Commonwealth in the country. After a brief spell in prison in 1660 he retired into private life, devoting himself to mechanical inventions, a new chariot, a waywiser etc, some of which Pepys describes. He was elected FRS in 1665, but withdrew from the Society in 1668.

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Col. Thomas Blount’s house was at Wricklemarsh, south of Blackheath, Kent. In May 1665 Pepys went there for lunch and a charriot test run. He said “… and thence by water to Greenwich; and there coaches met us; and to his house, a very stately sight for situation and brave plantations; and among others, a vineyard, the first that ever I did see.”


San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Greenwich and Deptford and Wricklemarsh (north and east of Blackheath) are all very close to each other, and it would be easy for Pepys to visit all of them in a morning.

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