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Pedro  •  Link

Thomas Warren.

According to L&M he was a merchant of St Olave's parish; brother of Sir William. Consul at Salli 1654-56 and possibly later; in the 60's trading to Tangier and Madeira. He was possibly also the Thomas Warren who traded to the Baltic, where in 1664 he represented Eastland Company at Danzig.

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Aug. 3. 1668
to pay to Thos. Warren, merchant, from the customs of the Port of London,
5,500l., for services in procuring a peace between the King and the King of
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 81.]
Al-Rashid Ben Ali Al-Charif, Sultan of Morocco.
See https://www.pepysdiary.com/encycl…
But it doesn’t mention any 1668 peace treaty with Charles II.

What’s the betting this is the same Thomas Warren that L&M tells us was a
merchant of St. Olave's parish; brother of Sir William Warren?
As the former Consul at Sallee (1654-56 and possibly later), this Thomas Warren would know the right people to negotiate such a treaty.

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