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Paul Brewster  •  Link

(dead by 1688) First commissioned in 1653 he held only one command (the Adventure) after the Restoration. [Per L&M Companion]

Michael Tatnell  •  Link

There is a reference in Canterbury - wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1657-1660

Tatnell Valentine, jurate, Dover, Kent 1659 455

but I do not know if this is his death or if he was another's executor.

There is a further reference in Index of Chancery Proceedings (Reynardson's Division) 1649-1714 ( A-K) under Attorney General's suits for England ( General)
Browne Alford and Tatnell 1668 42 6
Browne Tatnell 1669 60 27

I have not had time to investigate these.

Michael Tatnell  •  Link

I have found a further reference to a Captain Tatnell in The House of Commons Journal Volume 7 of 15th April 1653 under the title "Officers Widows etc".

" By the Commissioners for Ordering and Managing the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy:

In pursuance of an Order of Parliament of the 22nd February 1652; whereby it is referred to the said Commissioners, to consider of the Persons slain in the late Engagement with the Dutch; and to present to the Parliament what they shall think fit to be done therein;

The said Commissioners, upon Examination, do find, that there were Seven Captains slain in the said Engagement, who behaved themselves very valiantly in the Service: And , upon Consideration of the sad Condition of their respective Widows and Children, do humbly offer,

That the Parliament will be pleased to allow unto them, for the Maintenance and Relief of the said Widows and Children, the several Sums of Money here undermentioned; viz.

4. To the Widow of Captain Tatnell, Captain of the Fortune, the Number of whose Children is not yet known unto us, the sum of Five Hundred Pounds."

Does anyone know if this man was related to Captain Valentine Tatnell?

Graham Tatnell  •  Link

Could this be the same Captain Tatnell who was Secretary to Sir William Coventry Commissioner to the Navy and a Privy Counsellor ?

Michael Tatnell  •  Link

Valentine Tatnell: it seems that his commands were in 1653-4 "Rosebush", in 1656 "Old President" and after the restoration 1656 "Satisfaction" and 1657-1660 "Adventure".

Captain William Tatnell was in command (1649) of the "Increase", merchantman taken into service, captured and exchanged, and 1652-1653 "Fortune" in which he was killed in action.

The information comes from The Society for Nautical Research Occasional Publications No 8: List of English Naval Captains, 1642-1660 complied by R.C.Anderson; it is just a list with no further details.

Michael Tatnell  •  Link

Confusingly there were 3 Valentine Tatnells. Valentine I was mayor of Dover who died in 1659; in his will he mentions his son Valentine II, who was secretary to Sir W Coventry and who died perhaps in 1688; he is the man mentioned in the diary. Valentine III was the son of John Tatnell and grandson of Valentine I.

Valentine I seems to have been a retired sea captain or merchant and to have converted most of his cash into real estate in the years before his death.Valentine I seems to have married his daughters into mayoral families in Dover.

Michael Tatnell  •  Link

The will proved in 1659 is the will of Valentine I

Bill  •  Link

TATNEL, Valentine,—commanded the Adventure, by commission from the duke of York, soon after the restoration.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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