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I am trying to locate The Red Lion.
It could have been a pub of a different name in Sams time?
My great GGG, grandfather shot his farther in law in the pub around 1800.
I have the court case notes. ( He got off with man slaughter, but that's another story)
The red Lion was said to be in The Maze.
I understood the Maze to be around the back of what now would be the area around London Bridge station along the Thames. It seemed to be a place of robbers and prostitutes then.
I am often a foot around that way having a pint in The George and reminiscing, thinking of my family ties to the area and of Sam going about his busy life.
I think "TheBear" at the foot of London Bridge was also called The Red Lion at one time?
I would be interested to know a little more.

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