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Son Of Southwark  •  Link

I am trying to locate The Red Lion.
It could have been a pub of a different name in Sams time?
My great GGG, grandfather shot his farther in law in the pub around 1800.
I have the court case notes. ( He got off with man slaughter, but that's another story)
The red Lion was said to be in The Maze.
I understood the Maze to be around the back of what now would be the area around London Bridge station along the Thames. It seemed to be a place of robbers and prostitutes then.
I am often a foot around that way having a pint in The George and reminiscing, thinking of my family ties to the area and of Sam going about his busy life.
I think "TheBear" at the foot of London Bridge was also called The Red Lion at one time?
I would be interested to know a little more.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

On 21 May, 1667 Pepys says:

“Thence by coach to the Red Lyon, thinking to meet my father, but I come too soon, but my wife is gone out of town to meet him.”

This may be a stop, but not the terminus, of the stage coach as in the past we have been told The George, Holborn was the coaching inn terminus for coaches to Buckden, which is close to Brampton, Cambridgeshire.

If you are going to Brampton, you secure a good seat at the terminus. If you are arriving in London, you get off at the nearest stop to your destination.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Sorry, make that Pepys entry of 22 May, 1667.

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