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Michael Robinson  •  Link

Per L&M Companion:-

(Gray) (c. 1625- 72) Eldest son of the parliamentarian Lord Grey of Warke (d. 1674); Deputy-Governor of the R. Africa Company 1665, 1667-8; Sub-Governor 1666, 1670; member of the Fishery Corporation, of the Committee for Trade 1668-72, and of the Committee for Foreign Plantations 1670-72. As an M.P. (for Ludgershall, 1669-72) he was an ally of Buckingham and a critic of the established church.

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

I was wondering how or why Pepys was becoming friendly with Thomas Grey, eldest surviving son of Lord Grey of Warke:

After the Restoration Thomas Grey played a prominent part in the City and at Court. He invested £2,000 in the Africa Company, on the board of which, according to William Coventry, he was eager for war with the Dutch, being "... steered by the merchant party without perceiving it (being zealous for the company) and partly out of a desire to maintain a popularity with the merchants as well as the court party, so that he might be chosen the next sub-governor, of which he was ambitious, partly having nothing else to do and partly for the opportunity it gave him to make his court" to Charles II.

For more information: http://www.historyofparliamentonl…

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