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Terry F  •  Link

Spelman, Henry, GLOSSARIUM ARCHAIOLOGICUM : continens latino-barbara, peregrina, obsoleta, & novatae significationis vocabula; quae post labefactatas a Gothis, Vandalisq[ue] res Europaeas, in ecclesiasticis, profanisq[ue] scriptoribus ... [2nd ed.] Londini : Apud Aliciam Warren, MDCLXIV [1664].

"Spelman's Glossarium (first published in 1626, covering terms through the letter 'L'; the complementary volume was published posthumously in 1664) superseded all previous law dictionaries....In fact it is a product of that new school of historians and historically minded lawyers." The work grew out of Spelman's efforts to compose a significant work on the bases of English law as described in the original documents. However, during his research Spelman found such difficulty assigning the proper meanings to Anglo-Saxon and Latin terms that he felt he had to postpone this work until he compiled a glossary of law terms."…

Terry F  •  Link

The title complete and further info on the 1664 edition:

Glossarium Archaiologicum: Continens Latino-Barbara, Peregrina, Obsoleta, & Novatoe Significationis Vocabula; Quoe Post Labefactatas a Gothis, Vandalisque Res Europoeas, in Ecclesiasticis, Profanisque Scriptoribus; Variarum Item Gentium Legivus...
by Spelman, Sir Henry

published posthumously, largely through the efforts of Sir William Dugdale. Although Dugdale has in the past been credited with much of the work in volume two, a handwritten manuscript of Spelman himself confirms that the work is that of Spelman alone. It is the first known Anglo-Saxon dictionary. Wing S4926. Cordell 158.…

Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Glossarium archaiologicum continens LatinoBarbara, peregrina, obsoleta, & novatae significationis vocabula; ... Scholiis & commentariis illustrata; in quibus prisci ritus quamplurimi, magistratus, dignitates, ... & consuetudines enarrantur. Authore Henrico Spelmanno equite, AngloBritanno
by Henry Spelmann - 1664
Internet Archive…

Oliver Mundy  •  Link

Spelman's own title, used for the original edition of 1626, was 'Archaeologus'.

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