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Quoting JWB's link, perhaps the diary entry of 27 June 1664 refers to, "Spelman's most important work, 'Concilia, decreta, leges, constitutiones in re ecclesiarum orbis britannici', is an attempt to place English church history on a basis of genuine documents. The first volume, which occupied him seven years, came down to 1066 and was published in 1636. A second volume was edited by Sir William Dugdale in 1664."

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Diary annotation from Terry F:

Based on the holdings of The Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, L&M identify this as the much-awaited 2nd ed. of 'Glossarium Archaiologicum,' which will be licensed 2 July, so can only be "bespoken" today.

Pepys has said he wanted to study English law. An essential tool is:

Glossarium Archaiologicum: Continens Latino-Barbara, Peregrina, Obsoleta, & Novatoe Significationis Vocabula; Quoe Post Labefactatas a Gothis, Vandalisque Res Europoeas, in Ecclesiasticis, Profanisque Scriptoribus; Variarum Item Gentium Legivus...
by Spelman, Sir Henry

published posthumously, largely through the efforts of Sir William Dugdale. Although Dugdale has in the past been credited with much of the work in volume two, a handwritten manuscript of Spelman himself confirms that the work is that of Spelman alone. It is the first known Anglo-Saxon dictionary. Wing S4926. Cordell 158. http://www.alibris.com/search/detail.cfm?S=R&bi...


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