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Some confusion in Two Talours : thieved via google sample:

Google [ Taylor, Capt. Silas ] gives lots of leads to those that be interested in the Musical side.
Silas Taylor [Domville] (1624-1678)

English antiquarian and amateur musician. He was educated at Shrewsbury and Westminster, and entered New Inn Hall, Oxford, in 1641. He left the university without taking a degree and joined the Parliamentary Army, where he rose to the rank of captain. He composed anthems and 27 two-part English and Latin psalms and hymns. Most of his surviving anthems are incomplete, but four parts of God is our hope are in the Gostling partbooks at York and two others are in Ely organ books now at Cambridge University Library. Playford printed Taylor's setting of Cowley's The thirsty earth drinks up the rain in Catch that Catch Can and two suites for treble and bass viol in Court Ayres

Source: Jack Westrup/Ian Spink: Silas Taylor quoted from Grove Music Online accessed 19 December 2006


diary of p 182 8th nov ?
Captain [Silas} taylor and Colonell Middleton the first to be commissioner for Harwich abnd the latter to be commisioner fot Portsmouth

A Bibliographical Dictionary of Old English Music By Jeffrey Pulver

has long entry on silas Taylor born 1624, Captain in Cromwells army, friend to John Playford, Henry Purcell and Mathew Lock

mentioned By SP, 2/21 59/60, 11/7/63 and 11/1664

wrote music, some in Court Ayres[1655]

Second Reading

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Silas Taylor (alias Domville), antiquary and amateur musician ; the friend of John Playford, the elder Purcell, and Matthew Locke.. (L&M note, 16 April 1665)

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