The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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Newington Green

Newington Green has had quite a chequered history. During the fifteenth century there were prosperous Londoners owning copyhold property (land tenure where the owner had a copy of the record entered in the manorial role). In the sixteenth century Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland (Ann Boleyn's boyfriend before she married Henry VIII) had a house on the north side of the Green (which is now part of Stoke Newington). This was Brook House but known as the Bishop's Palace up until the eighteenth century when it was tenements for the poor. This property together with a house on the south side were used by Henry VIII as a resort for hunting wild boars, stags and wild bulls which were plentiful in the surrounding forest. Today there are several streets near here with names such as King Henry's Walk, Boleyn Road (formally Ann Boleyn's Walk) and Queen Elizabeth's Walk...

Newington Green became the home of non-conformists during the seventeenth century and the centre for non-conformist education...

On 11 April 1691 Mary Cromwell, great grand-daughter of Oliver Cromwell, was born at Newington Green...

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